Basic sensor pack


This pack is a set of basic Grove sensors and actuators.

Contents of the basic sensor pack:

  • Rotary switch
  • Button sensor
  • Buzzer
  • Switch
  • Relay
  • Light sensor
  • Red, green, blue LED
  • Oled display



Basic sensor pack

This pack is a set of basic Grove sensors and actuators.

What is Grove?

Grove is a modular system, much like Lego®. Compared with the traditional approach using a breadboard or soldering, Grove simplifies and reduces faults during the prototype phase of a project significantly. The Grove system consists of a base shield and various modules with standardized connectors. The base shield allows for easy connection of any microprocessor input or output from the Grove modules. All of our microprocessor RDK kits include a base shield. The sensor packs are an ideal extension for our microprocessor RDK kits.

Content of the basic sensor pack:

Item Name Description
01_ Rotary_Angle_Sensor Rotary switch The rotary switch sensor produces analog output between 0 and Vcc. The angular range is 300 degrees with a linear change in value. The resistance value is 10k ohms.
02_Button Button sensor The button sensor is a momentary push button. It contains one independent “momentary on/off” button. The button outputs a HIGH signal when pressed, and LOW when released.
03_Buzzer Buzzer The buzzer has a piezoelectric buzzer on board. Can be connected to digital outputs, and will emit a tone when the output is high. Alternatively it can be connected to an analog pulse-width modulation output to generate various tones and effects.
04_Switch(P) Switch sensor The switch sensor is a mini SPDT “ON/OFF” slide. The button outputs a HIGH signal when “ON”, and LOW when “OFF”.
05_Relay Relay The relay is a digital normally open switch that controls a relay capable of switching loads up to 250V at 10 amps. When set to HIGH, the LED will light up and the relay will close.
06_ Light_Sensor Light sensor The Light sensor module uses a photo-resistor to detect the light intensity of the environment. The sensor is designed for applications that only require qualitative results.
11_Red+Green+Blue_LED LED module 3 general purpose LED modules in Grove form factor with red, green and blue LED.
10_OLED_Display_0.96in OLED display The OLED 0.96” display is a 16 color grayscale 96×96 dot matrix OLED display module with Grove compatible 4pin I2C interface.
C_Universal_4_Pin_Buckled 20cm_Cable_(5 PCs pack) Set of 5 Grove universal 4 pin 20cm unbuckled cables.
B_Red_Wrapper_1x1(4 PCS pack) Set of 4 Grove red Lego® blocks including screws to mount the sensors.
A_Yellow_Wrapper_1x1(4 PCS pack)  Set of 4 Grove yellow Lego® blocks including screws to mount the sensors.

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