AllThingsTalk IoT Connectivity

Over the past 4 years we learned that you appreciate the flexibility of service offered by AllThingsTalk, and therefore both partners Orange Belgium and AllThingsTalk have decided that AllThingsTalk, now part of the European ALSO group, is well positioned to offer continuity for your IoT connectivity service. 

What are the next steps?

We will continue to offer you IoT connectivity and extend our offering with new features such as connectivity dashboards and flexible subscription management.

Soon you will receive new SIM cards with instructions on how to register and activate AllThingsTalk IoT Connectivity. You can decide to switch SIM cards at any time before or after your subscription renewal date. Beyond that date you can enrol to the new extended AllThingsTalk connectivity offer.

Answers to questions you might have

  • What happens with my current subscription? Your current subscription will not be renewed beyond the expiry date. Your current billing relationships will come to an end so we will not charge you beyond the renewal date. Your current IoT connectivity will come to an end at the renewal date. For your convenience we will send reminder mails before the renewal date so you can migrate to the new AllThingsTalk IoT connectivity offer

  • Should I replace my current SIM card? Yes, since this is a new service it is required that you physically swap SIM cards. The SIM card and instruction leaflet that you will receive contains all the necessary information on how to switch SIM cards and ensure continuity of service.

  • How much time do I get in order to switch? You can make the switch at the time of your choice. However we advise to do it as quickly as possible so you can benefit from the additional functionality.

  • What actions are required to stop the current connectivity service and billing? None, we will terminate the auto renew billing in the coming weeks and notify you by mail when this happens.

  • What is the new connectivity offer?
Included data Volume#MByte12120360
Included SMS Volume#SMS50100100
Validity periodmonths121212
EUR 11,00EUR 18,00EUR 21,00

  • Where can I find the details of the received SIM card? Some of the details required to use the SIM card are printed on the instructions leaflet you received. Others can be found on the connectivity management portal.

  • What about the connectivity, do I still have the same coverage and service (What about roaming)? Yes, and in most cases we will continue to use the same physical radio network, Orange will stay one of our network service partners. Rest assured you will have an extended coverage throughout Europe.

  • You will have access to an extensive Service Hub which address all technical matters once you have signed up to the AllThingsTalk connectivity service.

  • I need extra SIM cards. How can AllThingsTalk IoT Connectivity serve my use case? AllThingsTalk is always open to listen to your questions, click this link and let us know.